Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatibility Statement

Browsers and Versions

We recognize that website and social media visitors have various operating systems and browsers. It is our goal to provide visitors with a modern and up-to-date experience on our websites, Facebook and other social media pages.

As it is impossible to provide webpages that work identically and effectively with all browsers and settings, our projects are programmed to the most current, HTML, CSS, AJAX and other W3C compliant standards.

We fully support the latest two version of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Older browsers may still view this site and our social media pages, however you should expect mixed results, and as a user it is your responsibility to make sure your browser cache has been cleared.

If you have any questions about our Browser Compatibility Statement or Internet Compliant Standards, please contact us.

Mobile Devices and Tablets

We support full-site, mobile-site and application views. As content compatibility is generally predetermined by OS and device for mobile devices and tablets, content specially formatted for each type of device is automatically served by default.