Our Cider

Our Cider

It’s all about the apples!

In the spring, the delicate apple blossoms portend the promise of the orchards. Bees work their magic, and the fruit grows and ripens in the summer sun. In the fall, the apples are hand-picked and delivered to the cidery. We wash, mill and press the fruit. The sweet golden juice is transferred to the fermentation vessels, where it is inoculated with yeast. Over the winter, the juice is transformed into the delectable beverage that we call cider.

Our cidermaking style favours minimal intervention. Our ciders naturally produce an alcohol level of about 7% abv. We do not add any sugar, alcohol or artificial flavours. Most of our ciders are lightly infused with carbon dioxide to heighten flavours and enhance mouth-feel.

Cider is gluten-free, a quality of growing significance for many food lovers.

Most of our ciders sport a lively acidity that pairs well with many foods, including seafood, poultry, pork and spicy dishes. We also find that our ciders pair well with many cheeses, especially goat cheese and creamy varieties such as brie and camembert. Our favourite is blue cheese.