About Us

About Us

John Mott and Judy Cornwell, Proprietors

We were first drawn to the Beaver Valley for its peaceful tranquility and outdoor recreation. After several years of B&B forays into the Valley, we finally purchased our own property in 1997. It consisted (and still does) of the original farmhouse from the late 1870s, a well-preserved bank barn of the same era and 50 acres of pasture assiduously groomed by the prize winning Simmental cattle bred by our neighbours, Bill and Dorothy Elford.

As we became more attached to the land and enamored of the region, we searched for a way to develop an independent rural livelihood, utilize the unique features of our property and become contributing members of the local community.

Our love of good wine and food, the long apple growing traditions of the Beaver Valley and a revitalized interest in the historic beverage of hard cider all conspired to hatch an inevitable idea. The Beaver Valley Cidery.

In 2009, we planted 5 acres of apple varieties historically used in North America for making hard cider. A century of cattle grazing imbued the clay-loam soils with a rich mineral and organic composition ideal for supporting an orchard. Every year, we add to our planting. Our century barn was creatively renovated for its next life. Along the way, we studied cidermaking in the UK and the US and spent years of experimentation to refine our cider making skills.

Finally, in 2013, we opened to the public.